Leadership Business Ethics Team Building Full List of Programs

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Program Length:
1-hour presentation followed by an optional half-day or full-day workshop

Program Description
Having been in leadership positions throughout high school, college and professional athletics (a captain at each level), as well as leading many service organizations outside of athletics, Keith has lived the experiences he talks about.

This presentation focuses on the true concept of leadership. CREATING power vs. ACQUIRING power.

Keith takes participants through a variety of leadership exercises based on real-life situations. By going through the process of making leadership decisions and acting on these decisions, participants learn the art of leadership, i.e. how to create power in the people around them.
Keith also touches on the many facets of leadership including; creating excitement, goal setting, group performance, confronting inappropriate behavior and more.
Leaders leave this presentation confident in their ability to move their group forward, and better able to fulfill the expectations others have for them as leaders. They’ll also leave with a mission in their heart.

Business Ethics
Program Length: 1-hour presentation or half-day workshop
Program Description
Corporate ethics is simply personal ethics played out on a larger stage. One of the decisions that define our lives is whether we do the right thing when the right thing costs us. Whether it costs us money, influence, friends, or prestige. This is a decision we make daily, hourly, sometimes minute by minute.

Keith’s presentation will allow people to see the humor, and sometimes-serious consequences of our daily choices. The audience will leave feeling challenged to examine their personal choices, and inspired to influence others to do the “right thing” even when the cost seems high.

Personal Excellence
Program Length: 1-hour presentation; optional workshop available
Program Description
In today's business environment how is excellence defined? By quotas met? Goals achieved? By feeling (or reaching) a balance between family life and work? Keith's presentation will challenge people to take a fresh look at how they define excellence. With a new definition in hand, Keith empowers people to take action, a skill that separates competitors in today's marketplace.

Team Building
Program Length: 1-hour presentation, optional half-day or full-day workshop
Program Description
Keith draws from years of personal experience during this presentation. Having led and been a member of a number of successful teams and organizations, Keith speaks on a PHILOSOPHY of team development. Topics covered during the presentation include: listening beyond the words, using recognition to motivate, and the art of being thankful. These are all brought together to show how a team is "developed and nurtured."