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Team Building

Program Length:
1-hour presentation, optional half-day or full-day workshop

Program Description
Keith draws from years of personal experience during this presentation. Having led and been a member of a number of successful teams and organizations, Keith speaks on a PHILOSOPHY of team development. Topics covered during the presentation include: listening beyond the words, using recognition to motivate, and the art of being thankful. These are all brought together to show how a team is "developed and nurtured."

‘Sincere’ - ‘Enthusiastic’ - ‘Awesome’ - ‘Profound’ - ‘The Best I’ve Ever Heard’
"… these are just some of the comments received concerning your presentation. Your evaluations were excellent and several of the event organizers suggested that your presentation should be made mandatory for all employee teams. The ease of your presentation and the honesty and frankness in which you present your topics puts the audience at ease very quickly and allows for a ‘comfort zone’ to develop very quickly. We look forward to having you return very soon."
Morris Glimcher
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

"I forgot how much fun other people can be, thanks for letting me see my coworkers in a new light! The team building exercises were challenging, and at times a little scary, but I can't remember ever feeling better about my job!"
Stacey Devlin
New York Life

"From the feedback I received afterward, I don’t know that we have ever had a speaker with quite the impact that you did. It was just what the team needed!"
Pete Frederick