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Character Education
Program Length:
1-hour program followed by an optional 4-6 hour workshop

Audience: A combination of high school or college students, educational advisors, and community members. Program Description
Keith works with schools, conferences, communities and states to develop character education programs that work. Not once a year programs, but programs that consistently run throughout the fabric of the school, classroom and community. People in attendance walk out with an 'Action Plan' designed to change the character climate in their school and community.

Decision Making
Program Length: 1-hour presentation; optional workshop available
College or high school students

Program Description
Keith speaks to high school and college students on a variety of important issues -- issues they deal with every day. Keith approaches the topic of chemical use differently then most speakers. Many speakers talk from the standpoint of having had drug problems. Keith has never used drugs and talks about effective ways to maintain friendships while at the same time not compromising personal integrity.

The issue of sexual harassment is one most students deal with at some point. Keith gives the students practical, useful guidelines regarding what they can (and cannot) do or say. And, he'll leave students knowing what to do if they are harassed.

Sexual decisions are being made at frighteningly young ages. Keith talks about sexuality in a positive, interactive and upbeat manner and provides information that students haven't heard before. Keith will also teach them how and when to make key decisions regarding their sexual behavior that will affect their lives forever.

Professional Educator Workshop
Program Length: 1-hour presentation with optional workshop
Program Description
Keith helps professional educators reconnect with why they chose a career in education. Whether it's talking about a philosophy for the classroom or the six factors that promote a positive self image in young people, Keith will entertain and challenge the audience. Keith has the opportunity to work with high school and college educators as a Team Builder.

Educators rave about this half or full-day presentation, in which Keith combines lively lecture with group and individual exercises designed to open channels of communication. Keith discusses classroom management, keeping students on task, etc. - all with the goal of making teaching fun again. School systems across North America have found this program invaluable when it came time to rewrite curriculum.

Student Leadership Workshop
Program Length: Half-day or full-day workshop
Program Description
Having been in leadership positions throughout high school, college and professional athletics (a captain at each level), as well as leading many service organizations outside of athletics, Keith has lived the experiences he talks about. Keith takes participants through a variety of leadership exercises based on real-life situations. By going through the process of making leadership decisions and acting on these decisions, participants learn the art of leadership, i.e., how to create power in the people around them. Leaders leave this presentation confident in their ability to move their group forward and better able to fulfill the expectations others have for them as leaders. They'll also leave with a mission in their heart.

Personal Excellence
Program Length: 1-hour presentation followed by an optional workshop
College or High School Students or Educators

Program Description
In today's competitive world excellence is defined as being 'the best.' Keith's presentation will challenge people to take a fresh look at how they define excellence. Keith will ask people to reexamine how their self worth has been determined. With a new definition of excellence in hand, and a feeling of empowerment Keith inspires people to 'take action,' the skill that puts people on the path to achieving their dreams.