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Character Education

Program Length: 1-hour program followed by an optional 4-6 hour workshop
Audience: A combination of high school or college students, educational advisors, and community members

Program Description
Keith works with schools, conferences, communities and states to develop character education programs that work. Not once a year programs, but programs that consistently run throughout the fabric of the school, classroom and community. People in attendance walk out with an "Action Plan" designed to change the character climate in their school and community.

"For the second year in a row, your keynote message and your hands-on interactive student workshops were the highlight of the Missouri Student Congress on Character Education. We are very grateful to you, Keith! Thank you for delivering your powerful message to our delegates and for working with us throughout the past two years in the development of this groundbreaking program. It's been a pleasure working with you! I have tremendous respect for you as a speaker, a teacher, and an individual of character. "
Amy Enderle
Future Builders