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Decision Making

Program Length: 1-hour presentation; optional workshop available
Audience: College or high school students

Program Description
Keith speaks to high school and college students on a variety of important issues - issues they deal with every day. Keith approaches the topic of chemical use differently then most speakers. Many speakers talk from the standpoint of having had drug problems. Keith has never used drugs and talks about effective ways to maintain friendships while at the same time not compromising personal integrity.

The issue of sexual harassment is one most students deal with at some point. Keith gives the students practical, useful guidelines regarding what they can (and cannot) do or say. And, he'll leave students knowing what to do if they are harassed.

Sexual decisions are being made at frighteningly young ages. Keith talks about sexuality in a positive, interactive and upbeat manner and provides information that students haven't heard before. Keith will also teach them how and when to make key decisions regarding their sexual behavior that will affect their lives forever.

"Thank you for your excellent presentation for our students and staff this past week. Everyone I have talked to has been touched by your message. Students have said that you were the best speaker we have had in the building - EVER! I agree with them wholeheartedly. Again, thank you! You have made a difference in a lot of lives! "
Pat McNally
Bishop Ryan High School