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Educational Testimonials
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"People came to see a former football player who just happens to speak to people. Students, faculty and parents left the presentation knowing they had listened to a dynamic, exciting and sincere message from an outstanding speaker who just happens to be a former football player."
Rick O. Wolter
Lewiston-Altura High School

"You were a great success at our 1994 National Leadership Meeting. Of the over 1500 evaluations returned, 91% were in the excellent/good category. We've never had a National Leadership Meeting keynote speaker rated so high."
Betty Ford
Program Coordinator
Future Homemakers of America, Inc.
Reston, Virginia

"…exceptionally dynamic, entertaining and powerful, yet warm and gentle."
Julie Wiebusch
Alcohol Education Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

"His concern for our students was apparent. His sincerity is overwhelming. His impact is immeasurable… he has been able to establish a positive direction for our entire student body."
Charlie Nelson
SOAR Advisor
Red Wing High School

"Your words regarding the significance of self esteem were powerful…I will use your messages with (students) as a guide toward becoming all that they can and desire to be."
Grace Mest Szepkouski, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Seton Hall University

"My son reported that, 'It was better than anything I have ever done in school - including football, basketball and baseball."
Tom Ilse
Parent of Annandale High School Student

"You were the highest rated speaker at our teacher conference for the second year in a row!"
Morris Glimcher
Executive Director
Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association

"For the second year in a row, your keynote message and your hands-on interactive student workshops were the highlight of the Missouri Student Congress on Character Education. We are very grateful to you, Keith! Thank you for delivering your powerful message to our delegates and for working with us throughout the past two years in the development of this groundbreaking program. It's been a pleasure working with you! I have tremendous respect for you as a speaker, a teacher, and an individual of character."
Amy Enderle
Future Builders

"Thank you for your excellent presentation for our students and staff this past week. Everyone I have talked to has been touched by your message. Students have said that you were the best speaker we have had in the building - EVER! I agree with them wholeheartedly. Again, thank you! You have made a difference in a lot of lives! "
Pat McNally
Bishop Ryan High School

"You helped to show that each and every one of them can make a difference in their community."
Michael F. Bassett
Driver and Traffic Safety
State of Alabama

"Keith Nord does not just do youth development as a job – he does it as a passion! I have had the opportunity to see him work with both high school and college age youth. At both levels he immediately connected with the kids and had their utmost attention. I believe Keith is a rare individual who not only believes in what he does for a living, but actually loves doing it. Keith cares about kids and they know it.

The evaluations from our high-school leadership camp continually echoes the fact that Keith had made more of an impact on them than any other presenter at the camp, and in some cases, in their lives!"
Christie Brungardt
Fort Hays State University

"I want to thank you again for your tremendous presentation in Spearfish. I am still hearing wonderful, positive comments from kids and staff! You truly made our 'Excellence' day the BEST it has ever been. There is a buzz among the staff to get you back for a staff retreat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed."
Sandy Klarenbeek
Spearfish High School